Gravy Mercedes
Fam, man, you terry cloth. That mean you very soft. Gravy Mercedes, add the cranberry sauce.
Pale is sexy - Lil B
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the truest words





why white boys end every sentence they type with haha??

to be honest i find it weirder that black people often just dont use verbs

slang is an actual type of language that people (not just black) use. that unnecessary, uneasy…

lol haha


Every action has a Reaction.
Every NO FLEX has a ZONE


I’m in several relationships at different stages, all with myself right now.



*drops food on floor*

germs: go get it! quick!

king germ: no.. we must wait 5 seconds.. it is the rule

my favorite thing about this post is that germs have apparently gained enough sentience to develop a form of monarchy

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